Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr. Orlyn Wiemers, Supt.

As another school years comes to a end I would like to share these photos of my Dad, Mr. Orlyn Wiemers. These photos represent the 44 plus years my Dad spent in education. He taught vocational agriculture in the shop from 1957-1963. From 1963-1968 he was a principal. Then in 1968, at the age of 32, he became a superintendent. My Dad spent the next 33 years as a superintendent until he retired in 2001. Even then, he served as an itinerant superintendent when he was needed for the next couple of years. Today he is retired and spends most of his time maintaining the farm that he grew up on and doing woodworking. I frequently meet and talk to teachers that tell me how much they appreciate what my Dad did for them. He helped many of them get started in teaching and many more describe the stability his leadership and management brought to their school districts. I will be spending time this summer with him on his farm roofing a few of the buildings that we have not yet had time to get done.

My Dad, Shop Teacher and Superintendent