Thursday, October 7, 2010

Epidemic of Spilled Stain

We have built and stained 100-160 mission style oak tables with eighth graders every year for 10 years. During the first nine years we spilled 2 cans of stain, total. This year (or, yesterday and today) we have spilled 3. Three cans in less than two days, compared to 2 cans in nine years. So, in 10 years we have spilled 5 cans of stain. 3 of those 5 were spilled during the last 24 hours!! Why? How can this happen? It is a continuous focus of my instruction that is accompanied with advice concerning how to avoid this huge mess, this huge waste of time and the destruction of the clothing of the students near ground-zero. Notable changes that may have led to this epidemic could be:
  1. the character of this 8th grade class??
  2. the scheduling of this class earlier in the year (1st quarter) instead of later in the year when the students are older???
  3. larger class size which crowds the tiny shop????
  4. the presence of 130 other end tables crowded in the shop to dry instead of being in the hallway?????
  5. the fact that I purchased the stain for the students this year instead of having them pick out their own stain with their parents assistance and their own money??????
  6. the failure of the school district to cover this issue during a teacher inservice???????
  7. my failure to write "don't spill the stain" as a learning target or as an ICDP????????
  8. the Tea party movement or the Obama administration?????????
  9. my fear of spilled stain and my abnormal focus on not spilling stain which draws unnecessary student attention to open cans of stain??????????
  10. stuff like this is what it is...clean it up and get another can of stain!

Mr. Wiemers


toni said...

I would have to say #10 will make life easier!! #7 and #8 are pretty funny, though!!

Mr. Wiemers said...

a wise woman once said, "Don't cry over spilled stain." ...she obviously wasn't a shop teacher with 130 13-14 year old students with cans of stain...

Anonymous said...

#6 is my favorite! I am fine with you planning, implementing and evaluating an inservice on the topic. Please submit the data to central office and your plan to the state. Don't forget the survey monkey part!