Friday, October 8, 2010

Ugg Boots

Today's blog deals with my keen sense for fall fashion. This week the temperatures were slightly cool, but still in the 70's. These temperatures sent a fashion signal through out our middle school causing a large number of 8th grade girls to simultaneously break out their Ugg boots on Tuesday this week. I noticed the first pair of Uggs in the shop during first period. More Uggs appeared in second period and by third period I knew the 8th grade girls had begun a mass movement into their winter apparel which is now being worn in early fall.

After having said all this, I do want to note that by Wednesday the Ugg season seemed to have gone into a stall. From my perspective, as somewhat of a fashion expert, this retreat from the wearing of Uggs in early fall may have been caused by the uncomfortable over heating of the feet by the time the students were dismissed from school into the warm fall afternoon. I anticipate a second wave of Ugg appearances will occur when the first cloudy sky produces a snow flake.

Mr. Wiemers


toni said...

You are funny!! They are cute but their feet must have been extremely hot over the last couple of days. I am impressed with your confidence in your sense of fashion, though!!

Mr. Wiemers said...

like I said in the post above, I am somewhat of a fashion expert!...and, amazingly, this expertise extends in many directions and into a wide variety of, I think...

dennes_loveyouso said...

those are so fake !

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