Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cutting a Circular Top on a Band Saw

A high school shop teacher from California sent the following in an email:
I found your great videos on Teacher Tube. I really like the one titled "Using a Jig on a Band Saw. I was wondering how the Jig is set up. It shows the ease and precision of use, but does not show how the Jig was created or works. Could you send me more info on that?
First of all thanks for the email asking about the circle cutting jig on the band saw. Here is a brief description of the jig and process with some photos. I will embed the schooltube video later.

The jig is simply a piece of plywood that sets on the table of the band saw. The plywood has a 3/8" bolt in the middle inserted and counter sunk from the bottom side. The bolt extends about 3/8" above the surface and will be inserted into a 3/8" hole drilled into the bottom of the project piece that you want to cut circular. The plywood jig is clamped to the band saw table with the distance between the bolt and the blade equal to the radius of your circle you want to cut. Then you will need to free hand cut into your project piece until the hole on the bottom of the project piece can be dropped onto the bolt. Once the hole in the project piece is sitting firmly on the bolt you simply rotate the project piece into the band saw until the circle is cut out.

The Jig

The 3/8" hole in the bottom

Fitting bolt into hole

Turn and cut

A happy, safe student

The top on the doll table

The tables are great for the American Girl dolls.

I will embed the video of this process later today on this blog. There are more and better videos available on at

Mr. Wiemers

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