Monday, March 2, 2009

Test Tube Trays for Sixth Grade Science

This morning during first period Mr. Gilroy, the sixth grade science teacher, came into the shop with an old wooden test tube holder. He wanted to put something together from some scrap wood to make a few more holders for his class by tomorrow. We looked around at the wood and talked about some options then we decided I would cut some of the scrap oak up, drill some holes and make him about twelve new test tube trays.

I enjoy this kind of project so during the day, as time allowed, I resawed some 3/4 inch oak, cut the tops and bottoms to length, marked out the holes and did some drilling. By lunch time I began to assemble the trays.

When my advisory class came in for their 25 minute class, I had them assemble the remaining trays, quickly sand them all and begin applying a coat of polyurethane. At the end of the day I put a second coat of polyurethane on. Tomorrow morning I will polish them up and then take twelve new test tube trays down to my friend and excellent teacher, Chad Gilroy.

Mr. Wiemers

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