Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Students Recording Teachers

In response to a blog about a student recording a teacher's profanity laced classroom rant I posted a comment that is seen below. I obviously think a teacher can cross a line and even become dangerous with their words. I believe they should be held accountable. But, I also think this is a dangerous game I do not want to play. Here is the news paper article. Here is the blog. Here is the comment I posted:
If everything I said to students, or for that matter, everything I said in any setting where there were cell phones to record with, I would be in trouble with a lot of people including . . . well, pretty much everybody . . . but, I am probably unique. I am sure most everyone else would have no reason to be concerned.

Imagine if kids would record parents at home? or, if kids would record other kids at the lunch table or on the school bus and then turn that recording in for administrative justice? How about recording half time in the locker room? My favorite would be a recording of a conversation in the teacher's lounge played back at parent/teacher conferences. How about recording school board members as they talked after the Monday night board meeting? We could play that on the local talk radio station. We will all be jobless, friendless.

Question: If there is no teacher to hear the student cuss is it still considered profanity if captured on a cell phone?

Question: What would happen if I could hear everything you said to my own son? How about if I could hear everything you said about my son??

Question: How about if I record our next conversation?
Who wants to play this telephone game? Anyone? Anyone? Hello . . . aren't you going to say anything??

Mr. Wiemers

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