Sunday, March 1, 2009

US Air Force Award

Saturday night we went to Iowa State University to the US Air Force ROTC Detachment 250 Dining Out event and award ceremony. Our son, Benjamin, received the National Sojourners Award and was recognized for his attributes of Americanism, Leadership and support of the United States. Benjamin is majoring in computer engineering with an emphasis in computer security for the military. Here is a brief video of him receiving his award.

Mr. Wiemers

Here is another video from the night showing Benjamin getting grilled and grogged in front of the whole crowd which included former combat pilots and a helicopter pilot from the Iranian Hostage Crisis rescue attempt from 1980. Watch it at this LINK


Benjamin said...

This is cool!
Do you have the video of me saying the Airman's Creed?

Mr. Wiemers said...

Yes. I have that and when you said the alphabet backwards in a race to get to the correct letter first. Do you want it in slow mo backed up with music from Mission Impossible or should I use circus music and run the film in double time? Congrats again!!

Benjamin said...

sure. You could do both of them. That would be funny.