Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eric Voelker, MS SS Blog

Here is one of the first teachers in our middle school to use a blog in the classroom for both instruction of students and interaction between students. The teacher, Eric Voelker (two time NCAA national wrestling champion for Iowa State University and Hall of Famer), is using this blog in his social studies class. He is also experimenting with video recording of students making comments and explaining their learning and playing the best back on the the "big screen." I can foresee an awards ceremony with Oscar awards for the best presentation, best supporting student, best research, and, of course, best online blog comments in this seventh grade social studies class. Mr. Voelker is on the point of the spear in technology at Dallas-Center Grimes!

Mr. Voelker's Social Studies Classroom Blog

Mr. Wiemers


ejv said...

If I am the point of the spear it sure is a dull one!!

Thanks Mr. Wiemers!!

Mr. Wiemers said...

52 comments from students on Alexander the Great is great! I like your video comment on that comment page