Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sixth Graders are Coming

Today is the last day of the third quarter. Things will change drastically in Mr. Wiemers' Shop on Monday. Fourth quarter is six classes of sixth graders.
  • First Quarter was seven periods of 7th grade where we worked through the modules.
  • Second Quarter was seven periods of 8th grade where we built the oak end table.
  • Third Quarter was a combination of the 7th and 8th graders.
  • But, now, Fourth Quarter is all sixth graders.
This will be the first time in the shop for the six graders. For most of them it will be the first time they have used a power tool other than a hair dryer. For most of them the most dangerous experience they have had at school was sharpening a pencil to a sharp point in a pencil sharpener that could potentially grind the end of their finger. Then, of course, there is always the risk of falling on a fork at lunch.

Many things are important during the first two weeks of shop:
  • Establishment of Absolute Safety
  • Establishment of Absolute Shop Expectations
  • Establishment of the certain facts concerning what to expect from the shop teacher
This coming quarter is the toughest quarter of my year because I have so much information to cover, work expectations to demonstrate and attitudes to establish. They always love shop once I loosen up after the first two weeks. They do enjoy the safety stories I tell during the first two weeks.

I have been concerned about next Monday for the last two weeks. Ready or not, here come the sixth grade . . .

Mr. Wiemers

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