Monday, February 2, 2009

Mr. Wiemers' Shop New Blog

On the way to school I was thinking about my earliest recollections of the educational system. These thoughts were the result of having spent the weekend at my Dad's place talking "shop". Since he began teaching in a shop in 1956 and became a school administrator in 1963 talking "shop" means talking about woodworking and educational issues. One of my first memories of education was the new American flag on my Dad's desk. Alaska had just become a state in 1959 and in the early 1960's I would play with this new flag that had all fifty stars on it. It was in this same office my Dad's desk held all the technology available for him in that day, a black rotary phone. I have a photo of my Dad sitting behind his desk with nothing but a black rotary phone. We were talking about that phone this weekend. I remember the phone number for the school was #52 or something. Our home number was also a simple two digits.

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