Saturday, February 14, 2009

State Championships and Valentines

A year ago I took my Advisory class on a field trip to the Iowa Hall of Pride. While I was there I counted thirteen state championships that were won by my wife Toni and me. Actually, Toni had won thirteen and I had won zero. So, here is a happy Valentine's day blog for my high school hero, Toni Mohr. I first heard about her state performance in 1975, saw her play on TV in the 1976 girls' state tournament and I still have a sports magazine with her on the cover from track season in the spring of 1976. From 1975-1978 Toni won 13 state championships. In 1979 I took my high school hero on our first date. By 1981 my hero had become my sweat heart and we were married. Toni went on to set records in college and was the District Track coach of the year in 1985. In 1993 Toni was inducted into the Iowa Girls' Track Hall of Fame. Now, on Valentine's Day in 2009, after 27 years of marriage, we are going to spend the day shopping and the evening at home grilling steaks on our deck in the snow and watching the movie "Hitch." Happy Valentine's Day, Champ!

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