Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Friday Night Pizza Table

For several weeks now I have found myself frustrated while watching videos on Friday night. We order 2-3 large pizzas, get a couple bags of chips and then bring it all down in the front of the entertainment center along with several cans of pop but there is no place to set anything. I began to think it would be nice to have a table for the pizza that could also be used to kick my feet up on during videos. I had a general idea in mind for a round coffee table with a pedestal supported by three legs. I drew up a sketch to serve as plans and wrote down some general measurements.

Last Friday I glued together some two inch oak (8/4") and cut a 36" round top. I brought home just the top to try out during Friday night movies. The top held two large pizzas and all the pop. Plus, everyone seemed to be able to reach the table with their feet. The size was good!

Monday I brought the top back into school to sand and router. Then I glued up the pedestal. Tuesday I turned the pedestal, which was a quick process since the design was simple and did not need to be duplicated. On Tuesday I also made a simple pattern and cut out the three supporting legs from the same 8/4" oak. After filing, sanding and routering the legs I set up a diagonal auxiliary fence on Wednesday across the table saw blade to give me the same radius as the pedestal. I slid the legs across the table saw blade along the diagonal fence three times, raising the blade a little each time until I had the same radius on the legs as the pedestal.

Today I drilled and bolted the legs onto the pedestal and then attached a 20" diameter piece of Baltic birch plywood to the top of the pedestal which I then used to attach the top with glue and screws. Tomorrow I will plug the holes, do a little sanding and get the first coat of oil based polyurethane on the table. I will put three coats on the table itself but five coats on the top to protect it from the pizza, pop and shoes. It should be ready early next week and home by Friday night. We don't need it this weekend since Valentine's weekend demands a little more attention than pizza, pop and videos.

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