Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Vision for Small Districts

In kindergarten I attended a small school with a total of 20 students in the entire kindergartner class. (See photo of me entering the school on the first day of school.) Thirteen years later I graduated from a small school with a class size of 21 students. (Below is a photo of me speaking at graduation.) Both of these schools are consolidated now and one of the buildings has been converted into apartments. Times and opportunities change. Small schools must see the big picture, be proactive and take charge of their own destinies before someone else tells them what the big picture is, takes away their options and they lose not only their destiny but their identity.

Steve Deace of WHO has written:

So don't wait for McCoy to call the shots. Small districts should look to partner with the other like-minded districts around them right now. Create regional schools that combine economics of scale, the noblest intentions of the
homeschooler and the romance of settings akin to the one-room school house of old. Break the mold with a form of country collectivism that is defined by traditional values and common sense instead of political correctness and junk educational theories. And then maybe, just maybe, execute things so well that rural Iowa starts filling up once again because its schools provide an experience to children and families that simply has no equal. To paraphrase a famous movie that succeeded for many of the above reasons: If you build it, they will come.

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