Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mr. Wiemers' Slideshow

Ok, what you see below is my attempt to use PhotoBucket and embed a slide show. I must say that my inspiration was Mr. McClung famously known for his sixth grade blog site Mr. McClung's Sixth Grade World . I saw he had used PhotoBucket to make a slide show and tried it myself. I was really aiming to get this slide show in the right column with the other gadgets but it ended up here as a blog. So, please forgive me, this was not suppose to be a blog but here it is, at least, for now. We now have another tool to develop and work with:


jkmcclung said...

Easy with the famous stuff Mr. Wiemers!
Really glad you have been continuely visiting our blog, my students and I really appreciate the fact that people take interest in our work. Thanks Mr. Weimers.

Mr. McClung

Mr. Wiemers said...

Nice work on the science fair!! Your students are fortunate to be in your class. Keep up the good work. I will be trying to follow and keep up!